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Catering to the Phenom 100 and 300 Part 91 Operator

My passion is to make jet aircraft ownership a pure joy for you! I do this for you by superb attention to detail and taking care of all the “care and feeding” tasks for your jet as if it were my own so your only concern is flying and enjoying your personal time machine!

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Market Analysis


Attention to the Details

Accurate documentation of all maintenance activity and preservation of aircraft records are key for preserving the value of your investment--as well as keeping you legal to fly! In addition to meticulous care of your paper aircraft documents, I maintain a full digital backup.

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Protecting your Asset

Those owners moving up to jet aircraft from piston--or even turboprop--will discover a complex new world of components with different life and inspection cycles.  The level of service--and cost of that service--also can vary dramatically. I can protect your interest while navigating scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events.

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Timely, Proactive, Accurate

Every situation is different, but many jet aircraft require monthly reporting of flight hours for warranty or maintenance programs (EEC, JSSI, ESP, etc). All require Letters of Authorization for the Types of Operation to be flown (e.g., RVSM and MNPS) and FAA/FCC forms. Most will require Customs registration, and the list goes on. I take care of these so you don't get caught short.



Pro Guidance a Step Above

With over 30 years of Single-Pilot Jet PIC and instructor experience, I am well-qualified to move your training to the next level. Whether you are just beginning in the Phenom and need training in your aircraft for your type rating, or experience before you go to the sim, I tailor every flight to your specific situation to ensure your skill improves while you enjoy the experience.  On a limited basis, I am also available for contract pilot service. Type rated for both Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 (single pilot) and proficient with both G1000 and G3000 (including Load 2X+).

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I offer to you a broad background that is almost impossible to find these days – I have been an active general aviation pilot since earning my license in 1985; I competed and won at the national level as a collegiate aviator.  Following college, I completed a 22-year career flying jets (single pilot) for the US Air Force in both peacetime and combat operations (14 years were teaching both students and instructor trainees in the single pilot fast jet arena).  A Captain for a major airline,  I’ve been flying long-haul international and domestic flights since 2000; I've also managed a corporate flight department and served as chief pilot for six years.  Besides those “jobs” I’ve owned at least six different aircraft over the past two decades and assisted numerous aircraft owners with every detail from aircraft acquisition to FAA regulatory compliance to finding the best maintenance provider.

I have been actively flying as Single Pilot PIC the Embraer Phenom 100 and 300 continuously since 2010 –first in the corporate environment and lately as a mentor/contract pilot.  Since 2014 I have focused exclusively on catering to the requirements of the discriminating Phenom owner.

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Jim meticulously organized our aircraft records, ensuring all inspections, servicing, and maintenance were complied with in a timely manner.  He worked closely with Embraer to quickly resolve any squawks that occurred.  He maintained a close working relationship with multiple service providers, so he was able to secure timely scheduled service at a favorable price. He truly cared for our Phenom as if it were his own aircraft.


When I moved up to the Phenom 100, I needed someone that would look after all the details involved in taking care of the aircraft from engine shutdown through engine start. On advice from others with Phenom expertise, I engaged Jim who has exceeded every expectation.  His careful attention to detail has saved thousands of dollars in maintenance costs by simply identifying billing errors and negotiating warranty coverage and other benefits through competitive bidding. 

When I traded the Phenom 100 for a Phenom 300, Jim’s meticulous attention to detail was evident in how easily the Phenom 100 logs were accepted by Embraer and he identified several areas on the Phenom 300 for the seller to remedy before I took possession.

Jim is an exceptional mentor pilot! He is able to identify root causes and provide techniques that have helped me transition to jet aircraft and then to “higher, faster” in the Phenom 300.  I thoroughly enjoy flying with him.


Thank you for making my type rating happen. Flying with kind, intelligent, and immensely knowledgeable and skilled instructors like yourself made the journey a pleasure.



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1825 Route 208
Washingtonville, NY 10992

+1 (210) 275-7780

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